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First Honey - "The Future of First Aid"

With First Honey, a family of beekeepers in New Zealand worked with scientists to figure out how to use the healing powers of manuka honey in everything from medical bandages to healing cream. Instead of trying to create new completely synthetic and artificial treatments, they looked closer at what nature has to offer us. When First Honey wanted a commercial to spread the word about their unique way to approach healing supplies, we knew we wanted to help.

We were very interested in this project because it speaks to one of our guiding philosophies, which is to take a closer look at what the Earth has to offer before trying to reinvent the wheel. Finding new ways to utilize what’s right in front of us. People have been using honey for its healing properties for thousands of years; First Honey figured out how to combine that with modern products that people use. The blending of the “old” (which never really went away) and the “new” is something we’re constantly on the lookout for.

For this commercial, we wanted to highlight both sides of First Honey: those who use the products and those who make them. Cuts, scrapes, boo-boos…whatever you call them, they’re unavoidable in life. We highlighted one of the most common incidents that just about everyone experiences - the bike accident you have as a kid. Then we take you to the other side of the world where First Honey cultivates manuka honey and creates its first-aid products with it.

Give it a watch and let us know if you’ve tried any of First Honey’s products yet. If so, what did you think?


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