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"Reconnecting Roots" Season 2 is Now Streaming for Free!

All caught up on Season 1 of “Reconnecting Roots”? Wish there were more episodes to help you learn about America’s past, present and future? Miss seeing host Gabe’s beautiful face as he travels the globe? You’re in luck because “Reconnecting Roots” Season 2 is now playing!

Thanks to American Public Television, you can catch Season 2 on PBS stations nationwide - just make sure to check your local listings to find out when it’s playing in your area. But if you don’t want to wait, you can stream all episodes of Season 2 right now!

You can also stream it on any of the PBS apps available for Android (which works on Chromecast), Amazon Fire, Apple iOS, Roku and many others. Simply load up the PBS app and search for “Reconnecting Roots”.

Here are the topics we’re diving deeper into this season:

Episode 1 - The Recording Industry: Off the Record, In the Cloud

From your turntable to your pocket to the cloud: how technology has changed the way we listen to music and each other.

Episode 2 - Religion: Church in States

From tents to steeples to megachurches: how religious groups have divided, multiplied, and united Americans for generations.

Episode 3 - Irish Immigrants: Emerald Isle to Ellis Island

From the land of the green to the land of the Free: why so many Irish left for America and why it’s worth looking back on.

Episode 4 - Travel: Migration to Mobility

Wagons Ho, Now Boarding, Stand Clear, Closing Doors: journeying back to the ways we traveled and how they changed the reasons why we travel.

Episode 5 - Hunting: Field to Fork

From survival, to privilege, to sport: how one of our most fundamental means for living led to extinction of life and consequently created a means and system to preserve it.

Episode 6 - Native Americans: An Uncommon History

A complicated and forgotten history: How the (stolen) land of the free neglected to make a home for the braves.

Episode 7 - Trains: Tracking Progress From transcontinental progress to high-speed success: how trains catapulted America into the future while never fully leaving the stations of our hearts. For us here at lilDRAGON, making Season 2 was a very different challenge from making Season 1. The good news is we had figured out the tone and style throughout the first season, experimented with a lot of things, and had a better grasp of what audiences love about the show. The challenge was this: how do we make it the best it can possibly be? We wanted to make every new episode better than the last, which meant lots of big picture writing sessions focusing on the series overall. We also wanted to explore heavier topics, but in a way that’s truthful and yet, still able to carry our style and sense of humor when appropriate. The graphics and animation got a sleek new overhaul as well, with more animated sections happening every episode as a way to keep the stories fresh and entertaining.

We think Reconnecting Roots Season 2 dives deeper into the history of American progress in a much more polished and streamlined way. So you’ll have to give it a look and tell us if you agree! And after you watch, be sure to keep the conversation going with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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