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(Re)Introducing lilDRAGON

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves.

We’re lilDRAGON.

We make videos in Nashville, Tennessee.

What kinds of videos you may ask?

Well...why not find out by watching this video?

Here at lilDRAGON, we decided to narrow our focus to more commercial types of work: ads, branding, etc. So we figured a new website redesign would help along with a new reel. But we realized that the typical reel doesn’t explain everything we do at lilDRAGON - so we set out to reinvent the reel!

If you’ve seen a typical reel for a studio or filmmaker, they’re often pretty similar: a montage of their best shots with upbeat music layered underneath. While we could’ve easily done something like that - which would’ve been fine! - we went the unexpected route and basically created a hybrid reel/commercial that walks through everything we do while still showing off some of our favorite projects we’ve worked on.

We had an incredible amount of fun putting this together and we think it really comes across in the video. It’s pretty simple: we love making videos and have a blast while doing them. And if you want to have as much fun as we are, shoot us an email or give us a call so we can work together!


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