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Need More Acres - "About Us" (Brand Story)

Over the years, we’ve gotten to know our friends at Need More Acres - a family farm in Scottsville, Kentucky - quite well. In fact, they’re featured in the “Seed to Supermarket” episode of the TV series we produce, Reconnecting Roots! The farm is run by Nathan and Michelle Howell (along with their 5 children) and they truly are inspiring, grounded people who treat everyone like family. So when they asked if we could help make a brand anthem video for their farm, we jumped at the chance.

They really wanted to make a statement for their farm as a whole, to show the philosophy behind their work. Why they do what they do. Why they LOVE what they do. And why they want to share their knowledge with others. So we thought it was important to put Nathan and Michelle front and center. Instead of writing up some artificial-sounding corporate essay about community, we simply let them tell us in their own words how they run their farm, what matters to them most, and what they hope to share with people. We think it feels more personal this way, more authentic.

What makes Need More Acres different is how involved they are with the community. They partner with local schools that bring their students to the farm so they can learn more about how food is grown. They also learn about nutrition and how the types of food you eat can truly affect how you feel. Plus, it’s a way for the kids to have fun, go outdoors, and spend some time with nature. Having the opportunity to film the interaction between Need More Acres and these students was amazing because we found that kids really ARE interested in learning about food! They’re extremely curious as to how things are grown and remind the adults that good eating habits start at a young age.

The authenticity of our friends at Need More Acres makes producing a visual brand story easy. After all, they’re helping to make the world around them better - and these are the types of stories we love to tell.

So give the video a watch and let us know what you think! And to check out the latest at Need More Acres, be sure to go to


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