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Let Joel Salatin Teach You How to Raise Your Own Chickens

Have you ever thought about raising chickens? Ever go to a farmer’s market and wonder if it’s possible to raise your own poultry instead of having to buy it from someone else? The great news is - it’s definitely possible and probably easier than you think. And we know just the person to show you how.

Enrollment is now open for the “Pastured Broilers” masterclass from Farm Like a Lunatic, taught by world famous farmer Joel Salatin. Demand for chicken is exploding, especially here in America, which means there are plenty of opportunities for small farmers to earn a living in this field. Joel will show you how to set up the right infrastructure WITHOUT needing to spend huge amounts of money. And the great thing is you can process and sell your chickens only eight weeks after you buy the chicks.

The great news is if you’ve already enrolled in the “Foundations of Farming and Homesteading” curriculum, it’s included at no extra charge! Think of it as a lifetime membership where you get to access all of the Farming Like a Lunatic courses, even ones that come out in the future (such as the “Pigs” course that will be launching soon!).

Enrollment closes on Oct. 31st, 2021 though so head on over to the Farm Like a Lunatic site and sign up before it’s too late!


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