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Learn How to Raise Pigs with Joel Salatin

For many farmers and homesteaders, one simple question pops up in their minds again and again: what should I do with the land I have? Because the truth is, growing plants and vegetables is just one option out of many to consider. You can also raise livestock but then the next question becomes: what type?

If you have a lot of unused land or are looking for a good entry into farming, world-famous farmer Joel Salatin thinks you should consider raising pigs! In fact, we visited Joel’s farm and collaborated with him to create an entire course on producing pastured pigs. Pork is the world’s #1 most consumed type of meat and Joel has some very unique and effective ways of making a profit from raising these animals. Not to mention, one advantage of raising pigs is being able to put them on otherwise “unusable land”, such as forest areas or hills.

Joel shows you everything from breeds to infrastructure, herding, handling, sorting, pasture design, and alternative feeds. Basically, all the different elements in pastured pork production are explored so that you can step into this with confidence. The goal is to reduce risk and generate more profit while providing customers with fantastically good pork.

As always, working with Joel Salatin is a delight for us at lilDRAGON. He has such a great personality and keeps you engaged while thoroughly explaining how to do this step-by-step. One of the coolest things we learned was Joel explaining how pigs can help your farm produce better soil by spreading the manure themselves, saving you time and work. It’s a bit of a win-win!

And like before, this entire course is included at no extra charge if you’re already enrolled in the “Foundations of Farming and Homesteading” curriculum. We keep adding to this because we want to help new farmers and homesteaders in their dreams of having a profitable business.

So head on over to the Farm Like a Lunatic site and sign up now! And if you’ve taken any of the courses we’ve made with Joel Salatin, please let us know how it’s helped you in your farming journey.


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