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Help the Gonzales' in their Parkinson's fight

If you've been following lilDRAGON over the years, you've undoubtedly heard the name Jeremy Gonzales and seen his work. He's served as Director of Photography pretty much from the inception of lilDRAGON and has filmed an incredible number of projects with us, including all 3 seasons of "Reconnecting Roots". He's been so generous with giving us his talent - and now, it's our chance to give back.

In October 2020, Jeremy, only in his 40’s, was diagnosed with Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Combined with a severe injury last year, medical bills piled up as the long days demanded by film work became harder to do. There's an upcoming clinical trial using alternative therapies that have proven effective - but it's NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE.

This is why we contributed to Jeremy and his family and hope you will too. Please visit the link to donate to Jeremy's GoFundMe and learn more about his story. If you haven't met Jeremy before, he is one of the kindest people you'll ever come across, period, and deserves all the love we can send.


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