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Joel Salatin Teaches You the Foundations in FARMING and HOMESTEADING

Have you ever had a garden? Grown your own fruits or vegetables in your backyard? It’s fun and kind of exciting to grow your own food and at some point, you may think “What if I could do MORE of this?” Then you might start thinking about having your own chickens, your own pigs. Maybe you even dream about having cows roaming your land, supplying fresh film to your dinner table. That’s how a lot of small farms and homesteads get started! If you’ve ever had an interest in growing food then you’ve probably heard of Joel Salatin. He’s world-famous for his ideas on farming and how he approaches things with a common-sense mindset that also tries to treat the Earth kindly. After coming into contact with Joel, we asked if he wanted to take all of his knowledge and share them with folks in an online course. Thankfully, he loved the idea! Today, we are excited to announce our latest project, the “Farm Like a Lunatic” instructional series with the Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm. This is our first foray into the online video course space, but we are thrilled with the product. It's full of practical advice that anyone looking to homestead or farm will find invaluable. He goes over so many different areas, from planning out your farm to helping to make a profit. Our team here at lilDRAGON has always been passionate about learning and growing. We’ve taken countless courses (both offline and online) to learn new things and at a certain point, we wondered how we could contribute to that space. After meeting Joel, creating this course felt like the perfect fit, that sort of “right place and the right time” feeling where everything comes together naturally. Joel was a delight to spend time with and hearing him speak was just as engaging for us as we hope it is for you. So check out the trailer above and sign up for the waiting list now at If you sign up, you'll receive 3 free bonus videos so there’s really no reason NOT to. You’ll also want to be the first to know when the course goes live next week!


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