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"DIY with Chem-Dry" - New commercial!

Cleaning is all the rage these days. I mean, seriously - sometimes it makes people angry when they have to clean and we’re no stranger to that ourselves. It’s a bit of a necessary evil, a part of being an “adult” that goes along with paying bills and making sure you don’t run out of toilet paper. Which is why it’s so amazing there are companies that exist solely to clean FOR you. And if you’re having Chem-Dry come to your home, you know you’re about to get a serious deep cleaning.

If you aren’t already familiar with Chem-Dry, they’re pretty much the top cleaning franchise out there, with over 3,500 locations worldwide. There’s a good chance you’ve seen their vans cruising through your neighborhood on their way to their next job. They have some serious equipment with lots of proprietary machinery and cleaning methods, which they’ve explained in their past commercials. But having done so many videos that tell everyone how their cleaning methods work, Chem-Dry wanted to try something new and different. They wanted a series of commercials that felt more modern, that was more fun and went beyond just the facts. So they reached out to us here at lilDRAGON and we worked together to come up with a new commercial web series called “DIY with Chem-Dry”.

In this series of 3 videos, each episode focuses on Kim, the host of a fake YouTube-esque cleaning series. She promises to show you how to clean your carpets, your upholstery, and even get rid of pet urine ALL BY YOURSELF...with a little help from Chem-Dry.

Check out the first episode about carpets:

This project was a lot of fun to work on because it posed an interesting challenge of making sure viewers get the important facts of Chem-Dry’s cleaning methods, but wrapping it within quirky characters and a unique world. Since it’s a bit of a spoof of DIY YouTube shows, we had to introduce an element of amateurism since a lot of YouTube personalities aren’t professional filmmakers. At the same time, it still had to look good so that the audience can understand what’s happening. It took a lot of testing and balancing to make sure it hit all the right notes

We hope you enjoyed this video - and stay tuned for the next 2 episodes from DIY with Chem-Dry!


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