Music Videos


Porch Pickin', Pickup Trucks and "Country Pride"

What else would you expect for a country music video?  Well, probably not a music video by Buck 22 who recently made some buzz with his revamped version of Billy Ray Cyrus’ infamous Achy Breaky Heart with Achy Breaky 2.


Someday Somebody - Heidi Feek

“Someday Somebobdy” is the first single from Heidi Feek’s debut full-length album, which comes out October 8, 2013 on Western Pin-Up Records.



Josephine - Joey + Rory

We had a blast – literally – making this Civil War era music video with Joey+Rory.

We had so many amazing people come out and help with the shooting of this video. Special thanks to David Andrews II, Gene Andrews, Sons of the Confederate Veterans, and all the other re-enactors who gave their time, sweat and probably even a few tears. Thank you to Tammy and Katie Hatcher of Southern Belles and Beaus Event Planning for helping us step back in time with their perfect props and costumes, to David Hardin and Brian Richardson for helping make the battle scenes look realistic with their smokin’ pyrotechnic skills as well as Israel Horne our stunt coordinator and his human punching bags. Thanks to SnapRoll Media for their Helicam artistry, to Jay Smith of Maury Light Artillery and Porters Battery for providing the huge guns and canons, and to the countless others who were involved in making this video happen. It would not have been possible without each and every one of you. Thank you!


When I'm Gone - Rory + Joey

lilDRAGON has traded in their flat caps and barefoot shoes for some good ol’ cowboy hats and a nasty pair of spurs- shooting country music videos will do that to ya’.  Even though this change of costume does make us look like a couple of tough hombres, this music video definitely made the tear gates over flow.

This song is not your typical upbeat country radio tune, but trust-you-me, it does not disappoint.  Joey’s hauntingly beautiful voice is the perfect fit for this sorrow-filled love song and her love for Rory is evident with every heartfelt word.

Special thanks to Doyle Bryan Allen for his impeccable name and director of photography skills and to Ranger- you’re a really cool pup.


Ignite Me - Chelsea Bain

We recently wrapped up this little hot tamale with the up and coming artist, Chelsea Bain.  Her new song “Ignite Me” will soon burn up the charts.  We had a splendid time working with Chelsea.  This was one of those firecrackers that came along at the very last minute with only 4 days of prep time.  Projects like this can be a little unpredictable, but we couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome.


How Do You Get That Lonely - Blaine Larson

We loved the simplicity of this video allowing the viewer to really engage with the lyrics of Blaine’s hit.

Written by our good friends Rory Lee Feek and Jamie Teachnor, we hope you enjoy.