Sony/ATV Publishing Commercial - "Know the Score"

It’s not often that we get to collaborate on a video project that is meant for other artists. So when Sony/ATV Publishing asked for assistance in getting out the word for their new “Score” application, we knew we had to help out.

Music is central to film, sure, but it’s also central to life! Even if you don’t listen to records on your turntable every night (which some of us here at lilDRAGON do), it’s hard to imagine a world without music. The grocery store would be dead silent except for the sound of food boxes clanking against the inside of a cart. The honky-tonks in Nashville would have empty stages on Friday nights. Video games would only give you blips and bleeps when your character jumps on a platform.

Sony/ATV Publishing knows this, which is why they do their best to take care of their musicians. Their new “Score” application makes it easy for them to track their earnings and royalties for the music they worked hard to make. It has a clean interface with lots of reports you can check out so you always know the status of your earnings.

The idea behind this video is to showcase how much technology has changed over the years. The music industry has been at the receiving end of these changes, both good and bad. The CD market dropped significantly but downloads and streams have been on the rise. Radio is still an important hub of music discovery but is far from the only source these days. To visually convey these changes, we traced the history of music formats from records to tapes to computer streaming.

Sony/ATV’s “Score” application helps make sense of all of these new changes and markets, which we also highlighted through the use of motion graphics. Since the internet has made global access to music much easier, we HAD to showcase a globetrotting musician with earnings from around the world - private jet and all.

We hope you enjoy this video! Stay tuned to this blog for more upcoming projects from lilDRAGON.

AdvertisingGabe McCauley