ADHR - Elderly Abuse PSA's

We recently had the opportunity to get involved with a set of commercials about the warning signs of elderly abuse. These PSAs are for the Alabama Department of Human Resources (or ADHR for short) and aired in that state recently.

Although both of these PSAs center around elderly abuse, they cover two different areas. The first one looks at warning signs from the perspectives of the elderly. Oftentimes, abuse isn’t something very obvious; it can escalate over time. On top of that, it can be caused by those closest to the victims, such as friends and family,. This can be very confusing to those affected and we wanted a PSA that showed what it’s like to experience it. This way, it can be easier for viewers to identify abuse when it’s happening.

The second PSA looks at abuse from the perspective of a neighbor of the victim. It dramatizes a situation where the neighbor notices strange things happening next door over a period of time and decides to do something about it. We hope others are encouraged by this example to speak up and report abuse when they see it.

We’re incredibly proud of the work we did on these commercials, but we won’t lie – these were very tough to create. During the writing process, we went through tons of research materials, both online and those provided by the ADHR; the information found was illuminating, but also sad and infuriating. There are some terrible people out there taking advantage of everyone they can find, which often includes them setting their sights on the elderly.

The good news is – there is something you can do about it. If you see any of the signs mentioned in the video, call 1-800-458-7214 and let them know. Feel free to share this video so more people know what to look for.


DIRECTORS – Ryan Estabrooks & Gabe McCauley

WRITER – Ryan Estabrooks


PRODUCERS – Joel McAfee, Nick Nichols

AdvertisingGabe McCauley