Watch' know about Country Pride?

Pickup trucks, sweet tea, southern hospitality… and rap.  Rapper/producer Buck 22 is new to the country music industry and has recently made some buzz with his rendition of Billy Ray Cyrus’ infamous Achy Breaky Heart with Achy Breaky 2.

buck 22 country pride.png

Buck 22, also known as Damon Elliot, is more than meets the eye, and a pleasure to work with. He wears a variety of hats, such as musician, entrepreneur, and record producer, and has experience in several genres of music. He has also worked with Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé, P!nk, and Britney Spears. Buck 22 has even received a Grammy for his contribution on Moulin Rouge’s song “Lady Marmalade”. I guess you could say he’s a “buck” of all trades.

Elliot is shocking country and hip hop fans alike with his natural ability to “go country” with his latest cut, “Country Pride”. Directed by John Matysiak and produced by lilDRAGON’s Joel McAfee, the video demonstrates Buck 22’s smooth and easy transition into country music by incorporating southern hospitality and a small-town lifestyle.

Gabe McCauley