Videos of the Nether Region

You may have noticed… we are big fans of comedy. So is the Nashville-based troupe known as the Nether Region who makes Sci-fi comedy sketches. We’ve worked with them on a several sketches, like this one (with our friend Lucas Wilson as the alien):

We’ve also worked on other videos of theirs, such as SECTOR P: The New RayGun (parts 1-3), Fantasy Football: Middle-Earth’s Super Bowl, and Evil Job Interview (featuring our very own Gabe McCauley).

Not only do we work together, but we are also good friends with the people of Nether Region and support and promote their work. They have also teamed up with the popular Cinema Sins channel to make several videos.

To check out more of the Nether Region’s videos, visit their YouTube channel.

*Update* The From the Hip video recently won an audience award at a comedy competition titled, Luxury Prestige III!

Gabe McCauley