Victoria Jackson: Does She Talk That Way in Real Life?

Yes, she does.

When you hear “Victoria Jackson,” your first thought may be “SNL” or “The Lady That Does the Handstands”. Those are both true, but I’m fortunate to know the lady behind the silver screen. When I think of Victoria Jackson, I think of a woman who really is funny, genuinely kind and she loves my kids.

October is breast cancer awareness month, and we’re sharing this video now not only to honor Victoria, but to share the same message her husband Paul feels about her:

She is so strong and so beautiful.

Victoria, a blonde, lost her hair after cancer treatments. But it didn’t grow back the color she expected.

“Gray,” she lamented to her husband. “My hair is gray.”

He told her, “It’s not gray, you have lavender hair.”

We shot this video beside Gabe's front porch, and Victoria was excited about singing while the cows roamed in the background. Our single camera shoot turned into her making up songs on the spot, singing to my kids as they played around her.

“Scout likes lions and lions like Scout….”

My daughter is in love with lions. When Victoria found this out (it didn’t take long), she brought her lion carpet she had purchased at a thrift shop somewhere outside of L.A. years ago, featuring THE WHOLE GIGANTIC LION HEAD to my house so Scout could see a REAL lion.

(The fact that the lion was now an ornate rug did not bother Scout.  Scout named it “Carpet Lion”).

Victoria took pictures of Scout meeting Carpet Lion on her phone, and later surprised us with them blown up on a canvas as a gift. That’s the kind of person she is.

A sweet, quirky woman with lavender hair.

Gabe McCauley