Well folks, it’s been quite a ride since The Joey+Rory Show premiered back in July of 2012.  We recently wrapped up the end of the fourth season (but don’t worry; reruns of season 4 begin this week).

It currently broadcasts on Friday nights on RFD and until now that was the only way to view the show.  Now, with the launch of the revamped website you are able to see certain segments online.


We sure have learned a lot from our experiences with the Milkhouse Media team and Joey+Rory, and have greatly benefited from working with and knowing such good company.  Also, congrats to our favorite couple for bringing another Feek into the world!

If you are looking for a rooting tooting good time the likes of the above photo, head on over to We think you’ll get a good look at the kind of people Joey+Rory are and the great times we’ve had just by watching.  Enjoy!

Gabe McCauley