Signing Time Live!

During one of the many procedures Gabe and Mandy’s daughter,  Scout had in her first year of life, Mandy sat in the hospital waiting room thinking about the uncertain future for their child.  How the doctors had explained that Scout’s ears may not be hearing very clearly, but they really wouldn’t know how much until she could communicate that better during the hearing tests. The assumption was that Scout had mild to moderate hearing loss.   Mandy thought that sign language would probably be a good tool to add to their arsenal for Scout to have the most abundant life they wished for her. Through some searching using the waiting room’s wifi, Mandy stumbled upon ‘Signing Time’ and was inspired by Rachel’s story of why she created the show. For their daughter to have the most abundant life they wished for her, Gabe, Mandy, and Scout started learning sign language together…from watching this kid’s show. On Scout’s first birthday she had signed her first word, “thank you”. 

Soon, one year old Scout was communicating using signs she and her parents learned from Rachel, and even her lions learned a lesson or two.

A few years down the road, Scout was still a big ‘Signing Time’ fan, and she shared her favorite show with her favorite friend, Indy. Rory, Indy’s dad and a pro at capturing moments through his blog, wrote about Indiana watching Signing Time in Meanwhile, ‘Signing time’  followers started sending Rachel links to Rory’s blog. Rachel, overwhelmed by Joey and Rory’s story,  spent hours one night reading Rory’s posts and reached out to him with an idea:

A LIVE Signing Time concert for Indy, Scout, and their friends.

Left and Center- Scout, fingers taped and ready for the show Right-Rachel gave Scout her jacket from the show!

Left and Center- Scout, fingers taped and ready for the show Right-Rachel gave Scout her jacket from the show!

And with the gift of her concert, she continued to give. She allowed us to live stream the event as a fundraiser for the Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation.

On November 12, Joey and Rory’s barn came alive the way only Joey and Rory’s barn can. Children who were happened to be born with some extra special needs, filed in with their families and friends, filling the wall to wall seats surrounding the stage. They giggled with excitement, parents chatted with families sitting next to them, and everyone who walked in the door found a friend.

Rachel hopped on stage with her daughter, Leah, and Hopkins, the  ‘Signing Time’ frog.  The kids went nuts. 

Watching it unfold from the back of the room, the view of the crowd in awe of Rachel on stage was nothing short of incredible. The excitement, happiness, and love in Joey and Rory’s barn that night is a feeling Scout and Indy and their friends won’t soon forget.

And neither will we.

We won’t forget the friends that filled that room, and Rachel who was moved to bring us a concert that night because she read about Indy and Scout, her biggest fans.

We invited the world to a multi-camera live streaming of the concert via their laptops and living rooms, and everyone who watched Signing Time with us that night also helped The Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation and kids just like Scout. Rachel blessed us once again by posting a digital download of the concert on her website, and she is donating proceeds for a limited time to The Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation.

If you want your own copy of Signing Time Live! you can download it here.

Gabe McCauley