Life made simple, design made eezy

Shawn Rubel, creator of the Eezy brand and community partnered with us to create this snazzy little video for his Premium Vector site called Vecteezy.

MixMasterMandy wrote and produced the catchy little jingle and our good friend Heidi Feek can be found as one of the Traveling Cowpokes.

Special thanks to the Barista Parlor for making some great coffee and providing the appropriate hipster freelance designer backdrop we needed and Huge thanks to our buddies the Sheahens for opening their home.

We also have a little behind the scenes treat for you.  Catch our Director of Photography Jeremy Gonzales in action as he masters the one shot with a new toy on the market, the besteady one.  Yet another gimbal stabilized handheld rig similar to the MōVI.

Vecteezy – Behind the Scenes

Gabe McCauley