Just when we thought we had all the bare feet talk we could stand with Gabe’s continuous preaching the gospel of minimalist shoe wear, Mickela Mallozzi walks through our door…wearing boots.

Mickela is the host, producer, and creator of Bare Feet, a travel/dance series that originated online in 2010.  Formerly an assistant to none other than the death metal rock band Slipknot, Mallozzi surprisingly enough quit her job to start dancing around the world, taking her camera with her in case an amazing dance/travel show was about to be birthed…and it was.  The Bare Feet™  Series is a unique take on destination travel and arts coverage, combining dance and tourism.

Mickela joined with lilDRAGON at just the right time.  The internet could not hold the goodness that she was capturing.  NYC Media was begging for Bare Feet to join their programming.  So, we’ve been giving her content a little scrub and polish making it fit for the airwaves.


NYC life, official television station of the City of New York, debuted the travel dance series Bare Feet on Wednesday, March 5th at 9:30pm (Channel 25) as the station’s newest addition to its primetime programming.

Mickela’s not fooling around either.  When she says travel the world, she means it.

In the first 13 episodes alone she dances in places like:

Buenos Aires, Argentina,


St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands)


Dublin, Ireland

Puerto Rico

New episodes of Bare Feet air weekly on Wednesdays at 9:30pm; re-broadcast on Sunday mornings at 2:30am.

You can also view full episodes on the NYC Media app, available on iOS or Android.

The future looks very promising for the lilDRAGON team and their new barefoot partner as they set off to Experience the world, one dance at a time!

Quick Note:  Did I mention I like to dance.

Gabe McCauley