I love you...Josephine

If you haven’t already seen or heard about Josephine, you are in for a real treat.

I mean, we did a bunch of stuff with horses, canons, guns, pyrotechnics, and a group of middle aged men running around in their fancy outfits.  We even managed to mount a camera to a remote controlled helicopter (thanks to our good friends from Snaproll Media).

Rory Feek of the duo Joey+Rory based this song off of some letters he read from a Confederate Soldier by the name of J.W. Robison.  These letters included details about the war but mainly they were love letters to his wife.  Joey+Rory aren’t your typical country artists.  They love being hands on and fostering relationships wherever they go with whatever they are doing.  That quality presented itself in the form of chili this time.  Joey+Rory got up early to make a huge cast iron pot of chili to feed the re-enactors and crew.  It was delicious.

Speaking of re-enactors, Dave Andrews and Gene Andrews need a round of applause.  Those two rounded up re-enactors from all over and coordinated with the Sons of the Confederate Veterans to allow us the privilege of shooting at the boyhood home of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Austin Shearer playing a young soldier on the set of "Josephine" the music video.

Austin Shearer playing a young soldier on the set of "Josephine" the music video.

Aaron Carnahan (Rory’s cousin) plays the lead role of Soldier J.W. Robinson.  To say that he did a bang up job would be an explosive understatement.  Without the passionate  performances by Aaron and our other performers and re-enactors the video would have truly been lifeless.  Keep an eye out for Joey’s sister, Jessie who plays the lovely Josephine herself.  Austin and Zeb Shearer who are the young soldier and son of J.W.  And our very own director Gabe McCauley killed it as the soldier who gets all tied up with a noose around his neck.

BONUS: There is also a behind the scenes video the likes of which was featured on a segment of The Joey+Rory Show

Besides the chiggers, this video was an amazing experience that we hope you enjoy.

Gabe McCauley