Horses and Buggies

Life can be slow at times, but in retrospect is always so fast.  This is likely why mankind always looks for things instantly.

For example:  Instant oatmeal. Instant Cream of Wheat. Instant Rice. Instant Messenger. Regret after eating Taco Bell at 2 a.m…  You get the point.


These days, as you are aware, instant video is more prevalent than ever. (Prepare for name dropping)  Netflix. Hulu. Amazon Instant Video. These are not just world wide web video phenomenons that you can find on all of your devices, but now they exist on your television sets and cellular telephones at your command!  This is especially important to note for our clients, as in the pre-car days of horse and buggies when the buggy manufacturer thought it would be so difficult to keep those newly confounded machines running when that dangerously toxic fuel substance runs out… what are you going to do, dig for oil?  The future of television is not buggy headrest mounted LCDs for those slow and bumpy road trips, but the WiFi optical implant that allows you to watch your favorite foreign soccer teams battle it out while you wait in line at the DMV to pick up your buggy license plate.

Content should no longer be created for the general masses but for the individual, with their individual tastes, to be enjoyed on their individual time, instantly.


Life might be fast, but so is high speed internet, sometimes.

When people can have what they want, when and where they want it; then you must give it to them

when and where they want it…if you build it, they will come.

The internet may have created an impatient monster.

Fortunately, we can help tame it.

– jpm

Gabe McCauley