In the name of all that’s good, we have taken a stand in a brand-spankin’ new campaign. The Bowling Green Athletic Club recently launched their campaign, “Be your own superhero!”  What, praytell, is this?  Basically, when you work out, you just feel like a bonified superhero.  Don’t argue. Tis true.


By strategically placing cameras around the gym, we were able to capture rarely before seen footage of ACTUAL superheroes engaging in ACTUAL workouts.  Together with Tim Earnhart, Matt Wilson, Emily Jones and Laura Moseley from Werkshop, we captured these heroes in habitat. The official commercial is currently on air, but check out the these “Behind the Scenes” videos for your enjoyment.

In an effort to defend all that’s right and good in exercise science, we urge you to view this video as soon as this sentence ends……or self-destructs.


BAC “Behind the Scenes” Video

Gabe McCauley