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We’ve written, produced and directed videos of every length, style and type—feature films, music videos, TV ads, TV shows, and more.  lilDRAGON is made up of a team of creatives that are inspired by unique challenges and absolutely love storytelling & the production process.  We believe our very best work comes when we are given the room to be creative. This team is made up of some talented folks with things like degrees, ideas, and bellies full of fire.


Gabe McCauley

Originally from West Virginia (yes that is a separate state from Virginia) founded the company after graduating from MTSU.  His background stems from theater and making back yard movies. Gabe married a rock star and they currently have two offspring.  You’ll recognize him from his five finger shoes and leather man bag.  Also worth noting, Gabe recently directed the film Heaven Bound and is the host of the series Reconnecting Roots set to release the summer of 2018.


Joel McAfee

Comes from Arkansas (the other West Virginia) and currently resides in Bowling Green, KY.  Joel and his wife Katie have 3 children, 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 free kittens (please use the contact page if you’re interested).  Graduating from WKU with a degree in TV & Film Production, Joel produces results and brings brains to the business operations.  You’ll recognize Joel by his Arkansas Razorback paraphernalia and his preference of shaving irregularly.


Nick Nichols

Hails from Northern California but has an affinity for camouflage like only a proper Southerner should.  Nick is the swiss army knife of lilDRAGON, the one that includes the toothpic and ball point pen.  An Editor, Grip, AC, Camera Operator,  producer, and quite the proficient MOVI & jib operator.  When he isn’t capturing countless hours of RAW footage he enjoys eating everything in sight.

Wesley Vis_crop.jpg

Wesley Vis

From the Netherlands...